Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hi everyone!

The start of our adventure is approaching quickly (July 2009), and some anxiety is setting in as there is still much to be done in the way of planning and preparation. The idea for this trip was conceived a few years ago by our father, Doug, as his post-retirement extended vacation. We immediately agreed that a bicycle tour of North and South America is just what each of us need, and preparations got underway. We decided that our route should should start at the Northernmost accessible spot in North America that we could find - a town called Deadhorse, Alaska, less than 10 miles from the Arctic Ocean. And we decided that our route would end at the Southernmost point of South America, an area called Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The trip will span approx. 17,000 miles. We'll be travelling South through Alaska, then East through Northern BC and the Yukon, over and down through Alberta and enter the US in Montana. From there we'll travel down the spine of the Rockies, through New Mexico, and into and across North and Central Mexico. We'll follow the Pacific coast through Central America, and then primarily follow the Andes all the way down through South America. At the end of our journey, we'll endure a long, hard ride across windy Patagonia before we get to Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire), the bottom of the Americas.

During the trip, we'll be avoiding busy roads and populated areas whenever possible. With this approach, we'll likely have a safer, more enjoyable trip while experiencing less risk of crime and less traffic (and less exhaust fumes). Since we'll be camping as much as possible, it will be much easier (and less expensive) to travel in areas off the beaten path, and we'll get to experience the most beautiful scenery in the Americas.

Currently, Doug is staying busy living, working, and training in the suburban Philadelphia, PA area. Doug started out as an accountant, but was never content with a desk job. For the past 30 years, he's been running his own construction and remodeling business. In several weeks, he'll be turning 66 yrs. old, and I'll be meeting him in Seattle to climb Mt. Rainier together.

Jeff  is busy living, working, and traveling in Spain and France. An experienced global traveler, Jeff was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal and then cycled from Senegal to South Africa - before moving to Europe to live, teach, and travel. Last I counted, he spoke 7 or 8 languages.

I (Jason) am busy living, working and training on Maui, Hawaii. I work for a bike shop and bike tour company as a tour guide, educating our customers about Haleakala National Park before sending them off on a 6,500 ft descent of the mountain.

Before long, we'll be packing our bags and heading north to start this grand adventure. As we progress, I'll be updating and adding pics as often as possible. Feel free to add your thoughts to the blog, as we look forward to your input. We can be emailed at .


Photo at start of entry: Haleakala Crater, Maui at sunrise, from the 10,023 ft. summit.

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