Friday, October 23, 2009

Segment 7. Lake Louise, Alberta via Roosville, MT to Carbondale, CO, Sep 11 to Oct 17, 2009, 1835 miles, 4817 cum. miles

Hoodoos (the rock formations), South of Kootenay NP Just after crossing the border into the US at Roosville, MT. So long to Alberta, with its lack of culture and $6 beers. Later!....we're on to the Great Divide MTB Route, bitches!
Montana's decaying past....
The only bull moose we've seen so far. He was shot out of the truck window of a local montanan. He said it was the happiest day of his life. Ahhhh...Red Meadow Lake in early morning.
Whitefish, MT - Lucy napping in the sun. Local support for GDR cyclists Waiting out a passing shower in the barn...
Ruby sunset in Swan Valley. Most of the GDR is dirt roads, but with some fantastic sections of single/double track interspersed.

Mutant large fearless dragonfly

This forest fire erupted moments before we got there, just outside of Helena, MT Lucy spent the days alternating shifting from one side of the trailer to the other, to see whats coming up ahead...
Enjoying the sunset view outside of Butte... The crossing of the GDR and the CDT (National Scenic Trail, which also goes from Canadian border to Mexican border). Taking in the Pioneer Mtns., SW Montana Our first snow....frozen brakes and drivetrain... Are you crazy? camping in the snow with just a tarp? A group of locals, on the prowl.
Jailhouse, Bannack State Park. Now a ghost town, but originally was the 1st capital of the territory of MT. In the Centennnial Valley, outside of Lima, MT. wide open landscape, very austere, very cold. Beautiful.
we hate cars and love bison...
Off of an awesome side trail in Yellowstone. Gurgling geysers in a snowstorm... Bicycle bandito. Old Faithful, on schedule, blowing mid-morning. Wintry wonderland on the climb out from Old Faithful.

We crossed the Continental Divide 3 times this day, a lot of ups and downs in the snow. Sub-freezing temps all day, freezing our water bottles solid. They tend to stay that way for a few days, while we tote them around as dead weight. lame...

Jackson Lake, Grand Teton NP. So gorgeous it was surreal. As i pulled up to take the photo two swans flew off side by side across the surface of the water across the lake. I felt like i was dreaming. Colter Bay, with Mt. Moran in the distance.

Jenny Lake Pronghorn Antelope on the road.
Jackson, WY. Arch constructed out of antlers collected by boyscouts from the National Elk refuge outside of town.
Bicycle Icicles
Yep, there's a dog in there keeping warm and dry. Big bull elk in Rocky Mtn. NP. This was not on our cycling route, but a side trip for me(Jason).

Bighorn sheep. Roadside artwork.


sara said...

WOW! Just amazing! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Un abrazo from Barcelona.

Bartek said...

Fantastic pictures.
I know you're tired guys but please, write sth :)