Friday, August 20, 2010

Segment 20: Cancún, Quintana Roo to Tulúm, Q.R. (July 7-24, 2010)

Rodrigo, our fabulous couchsurfing host in Cancún.  He wants everyone to know that Mexican people really are all devils, terrible people, the type of people that might buy you a beer and eat a taco with you.

Rodrigo cuts up some heated aloe to treat Jeff´s bruised kneecaps, still not healed after 5 weeks.

Mike Rucke, new blood, an American friend of Jeff´s from Barcelona days, he will be with us for awhile, perhaps to the end...

wasn't long before Mike was putting his mechanic skills to the test.  here he is fixing broken spokes

in the colectivo, on the way to a third and final visit to Isla Mujeres

Jason and  Jodi.  Jodi brought invaluable replacement gear and food down from the states, and brought back cold weather gear for us.

Partying on Isla Mujeres

Jodi strolls on the beach near Tulum

this fish is called Sierra in Mexico.  It was unbelievably delicious.

Mike negotiating the hotel zone of Cancún.
beware everyone but Mexicans

pelican in Puerto Morelos

the beach at Puerto Morelos, and our stealth campsite on the beach a few kilometers away:

breakdancing troupe in the streets of Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

you´re screwed here if you dont want US dollars

a friendly crew in a local hostel at Playa del Carmen; Mexican, Spanish, French, American

Mike and more broken spokes

Jason back up to his coconut-purloining antics, this time at Akumal

a scene from the life

the playa at Akumal, where we saw sea turtles while snorkeling

preparing to snorkel at the Laguna at Akumal.  Amazing, where cool fresh water and warm ocean water blend, and the still medium is crystal clear and loaded with fish, particularly giant angelfish.

busy cycling on the way to Tulúm

the ruins at Tulúm

who is this joker?

los tres piratas

...spectacular skies above the ruins...

the arrival of tour groups, however, sent us packing.  this problem plagues much of the Yucatán

the beach at Tulúm

Jason seeks help to remove his rear sprocket, thinks better of it when this drunk old guy approaches with a monkey wrench

our campsite at Playa Esperanza

Mike scaling a fish he caught in the reef off Playa Esperanza

evening adventure sharing at Playa Esperanza

a nearly full moon

the taxi collective in Tulúm

 drinking 40's in Tulúm

one dubious looking pirate

...sunrise above our stealth campsite on some cliffs near Tulúm...

pirates exiting as they entered

Gran Cenote near Tulúm, some of the most sublime and spectacular snorkeling we have ever seen... underwater stalactite formations to blow your mind

cave swallows at Gran Cenote

Mike descending into nearby Snake Cenote

this energy field in Snake Cenote looked harmless enough...

... but after this happened to Jason he hasn´t been the same

also seen in Snake Cenote

back towards the sun

once again, local kids are fascinated by Jason's bike.  Here they are trying on his snorkel gear as well.

our stealth camp just outside Cobá.  this is a construction material storage site.  the owner came by around 9 PM in the dark, agreed to let us stay, and locked the gate while leaving, thereby ensuring safe and comfortable camping for us...

scorpion spotted at above campsite

now at Cobá ruins, this is one of the goals that defines the Mayan ball game

ball court

another goal

Cobá has some of the most amazing ballcourt features that we have seen.  Below are some sculptures seen here:

preparing to climb the big pyramid at Cobá

...the view from the top, unbroken forest...

tropical forest surrounds Cobá
more Mayan sculpture at Cobá

...on the way to some cenotes near Cobá...

this is Jeff leaping off a 10 meter platform into an underground cenote. a serious highlight from the Yucatán.


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