Saturday, January 21, 2012

Around Mendoza, Argentina (January 1 - 9, 2012)

We stayed 10 days in Mendoza, recovering, relaxing, hiding from the sun, going on excursions with Alicia and Greg, swimming, etc..  Unfortunately Mendoza in early January was an unexpected boiling sauna!

Alicia and Greg  (photo Alicia Volk)

at Finca Adelgisa where Alicia and Greg stayed in Chacras de Corria.  Here they are intercropping grapes and fruit trees such as peaches and plums.

Jason, Sonja and Jeff enjoying the fruits of Finca Adelgisa  (photo Alicia Volk)

we grabbed our bikes and headed out on a 75km circuit around Mendoza wine country.  That is Tupungato (6570m volcano) rising in the background.

Jeff, Sonja, Jason, Alicia and Greg

this ride had great moments (above), and not so great (below), crossing a trash dump...

some fence-crossing issues between vineyards

....arrived at Finca Decero, where we are to have lunch...
 (photo Alicia Volk)

... some of Argentina's famous wines... above: Torrentes, white wine from Cafayate, below: Malbec, from Mendoza itself...

Alicia and Greg invited us for a day of white water rafting on the Rio Mendoza with Argentina Rafting.  This was a welcome relief from so much desert cycling and also the heat wave suspended above Mendoza during our stay... (following pics from Argentina Rafting)

our guide was a Kiwi named Matt

the river clearly choked with lots of sediment from the mountains

...the rapids were class 2-3, we had some mouthfuls of this river...

Alicia's facial expression here is timeless (seated left rear)

this was a short trip, barely an hour... but loads of fun.  Thank you Alicia and Greg!

Back in Mendoza we met up for a busking session on the pedestrian walkway of Sarmiento:
our first time playing together since La Paz  (photo Alicia Volk)

 (photo Alicia Volk)

 (photo Alicia Volk)

this session went well into the evening... guitars, mandolin, ukelele, harmonicas, percussion all a-flyin'

Tom lost his mind after so much heat and desert, and cut off his hair.  Here at the pool at LifeHouse Hostel in Mendoza.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog - thank you for sharing your adventure! Very inspiring. The comments and photos seem particularly well chosen and interesting. Best wishes on the rest of your journey!

Anonymous said...

Finca Adalgisa Malbec mmmmmm how did you guys get that treasure???

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys, looks like alot of fun. Your mom will be glad to see you at the end of the trail. Stay safe.